How to tell you're getting old.

K & I celebrated our tenth anniversary this weekend. It's hard to believe sometimes that we've been together that long, but the proof is there. K flew up from SFU for the weekend, an although she had to work on lecture notes and paper proposals, it was great having her up here. We didn't do a lot to celebrate the day - Kirsten made a wonderful meal of Romanian dolmades the day before, and I made our favourite 40 clove garlic chicken the night of - it was enough that we were together.

Also, we had an expected, but not really wanted, purchase a couple days earlier:


Yup, that's a new washer & dryer, to replace the washer that has a broken cycle select dial and has started chewing tiny little holes in our clothes (ours are white though, as there was a sale on floor models at our local appliance store). It was hardly the sexiest purchase we've made this year, but probably one of the most necessary. It also marks the last two appliances in the house that were original to our purchase.

And here's the proof that I've officially come into my own as an old guy - I'm goofily excited about the new washer and dryer. The new washer has Sanitary Mode! And is Front Loading! And look! It analyzes the size of the load! And has a "soil level" setting! And the dryer turns off automatically when things are dry! Woohoo, I'm living the high life, and I can't wait to do my first load of laundry - in fact, I'm waiting to do laundry until it comes on Saturday!

Best to just put me on an ice floe, and push me off to the suburbs.

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