Been hearing this song on the radio more and more, and it's just as catchy every time. It's "Headphones" by the Mounties, a Canadian band put together by Hawksley Workman, Hot Hot Heat's Steve Bays, and Age of Electric's Ryan Dahle.  I like Hawksley already, but this is a small poppier departure for him, style-wise. I like it.

Hardwood floors for dollhouse kits

A quick how-to guide on creating hardwood floors for dollhouses.

I noticed on Medium that they're posting "read time" estimates for their articles. I thought this was a great idea, and came across this while looking for a code snippet that might do this for me.

After testing my estimated time theory on nearly 3,000 visits, I have some results. Showing an estimated time improved time on site by 13.8%. What's more interesting though—people either followed me, subscribed to my blog, or retweeted my articles 66.7% more often.

Sock Monkey vector Illustration

I couldn't find any free sock monkey vector illustrations to save my life. So I made my own. You can download it and build your own sock monkey army!

Bespoke web development

Bespoke development is custom development done for your own site. I think it's a bad idea, with some exceptions.