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Learning is hard.

Well, the Artificial Intelligence class was a flop.

It turns out I'm just not an algorithms kind of guy, and no matter how much I banged my head against the desk I just wasn't going to make it.

But that's fine.  I still gained something from the experience, in that I gained a grasp of the fundamentals of Python, and can likely make my way around the language if and when I need to.

My next step is to look at C#, Microsoft's programming language that's shared between their desktop and web applications.  For that, I'm taking a course on beginning game programming in C#, using Visual Studio.  I had planned on taking some sort of C# course to become familiar with the language, and this fit the bill just dandily. So far, I can draw a 2D sprite on the screen. In one place.  My next game will be available in Fall 2015 and feature linear movement. 

It has been an interesting return to the Land of Windows. I've been away since Windows XP, and I can't say I'm loving it.  Windows is a schizophrenic operating system now; sometimes I'm in a desktop window, looking at other applications, and sometimes I'm in a full-screen application that I can't make into its own window. Sometimes I can access the taskbar from these full screen applications, and sometimes I can't.

What I can say is that I really like Visual Studio 2013 as an IDE – almost as much as I like XCode, but nowhere near as much as I like Coda.

So, despite the early AI setback, learning continues apace!

Image credit: Roadblock by Flickr user Joakim Berndes