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About Darren

Darren James Harkness is a full stack project manager with a reputation for acting as a bridge between technical staff and non-technical stakeholders. He has a solid footing in information technology, having served in many technical roles over the past 15 years, including project management, supervision, development, creative, and technical communication. He has worked in startup, enterprise, and public organizations.

Darren gravitates towards complex, challenging work that crosses the boundaries between technical and non-technical. His experience gives him the ability move easily among roles, to effectively communicate the needs of one role to another in a simple and relevant way, and to critically approach and plan large scale technical projects, working with stakeholders, engineering, and administration.

Darren holds a Masters degree in Humanities Computing with a focus on social media. He has published on various topics in computing, including a book on the Apache web server and book chapters on social media and intranet design, and continues to explore trends in social media and technology.

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